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Many Australians want to live and work in the U.S.A but aren’t quite sure how, or where to start. We are in an extremely lucky position when it comes to traveling to the United States, we have a great relationship with the US government, with......

Finding the perfect job for your E3 visa often feels like one of the hardest factors in your application. While the list of jobs is rather long, e3 visa jobs can include software/applications developers; architects, engineers and surveyors; mathematicians; physical scientists; computer scientists; information technology......

The most common situation where you’ll have to explain your visa is during one of the early email screens with the potential employer. Usually, before you even have a conversation with your potential employer, “Are you eligible to work in the US?” or “Do you require......

Soak up the sun while you apply for (or renew) your E3 Visa.   “Where should I go to apply for, or renew, my E3 Visa?” is definitely in the top 5 questions we are asked when our customers are going through their E3 process.......

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