Dedicated Agent

We are a dedicated team of Aussies living in the USA ready to help you apply for your E3 Nonimmigrant working visa. From preparing your E3 documents, to filing your documents, right through until you leave your US embassy interview, your goals are our goals. We’re here to help.

Have one of our Australian dedicated agents assist you with your complete E3 visa application. Think of us as your USA sidekick who will be digitally by your side from start to finish. We will:


  • Assist you on preparing all documents required for your application.
  • Speedy assistance on a U.S education assessment through our priority partnership with our trusted academic advisory firm.
  • Walk you through how to fill required immigration documents (9035 ETA LCA, DS-160etc.)
  • Prepare your perfect embassy letter.
  • Prepare your job letter requirements.
  • Obtaining Sponsor company details.
  • Guide you on how to book your USA Embassy appointment.


  • Direct agent e-mail and phone contact throughout the whole process.
  • Brief on what to expect at your interview.
  • Travel advice and insider tips.
  • Hotel and airfare discounts (coming soon)

*Please note: Once purchased, we will be in contact with you within 12-24 hours with the email address used to make your purchase to proceed with your E3 Application*


Dedicated Agent

Have one of our dedicated agents advise you through the whole process, assisting you with the entire E3 application from start to finish.