#1 E3 Application Destination: Barbados

#1 E3 Application Destination: Barbados

Soak up the sun while you apply for (or renew) your E3 Visa.


“Where should I go to apply for, or renew, my E3 Visa?” is definitely in the top 5 questions we are asked when our customers are going through their E3 process. Our answer is always the same. Barbados baby!

Not only are you experiencing the Caribbean first hand (bars, beaches, sun, turtles!!!) but you are also contributing to their main source of income; tourism.

Here is a breakdown as to why we love Barbados:


  • The interview wait time is usually pretty decent. Normally, you don’t have to wait more than a few business days to get an interview time slot, so if you’re on a tight schedule, you can easily book in.


  • The folks over at the US embassy have it down pat. Their structure and overall interview process is an absolute breeze, and diligently formulated to make your time at the embassy as short as possible.


  • The pickup process for your Passport is seamless. You will want to choose the option to pick up your passport at the DHL office rather than have it delivered to your hotel, and the cab ride is about 20-40 minutes depending on where you’re coming from on the island, totalling about 80-130 Barbados. Worth it rather than having it passed around by multiple hands.


  • The locals are amazing. You’ll make friends anywhere.


  • Last but not least, the seafood is incredible. Since you’re surrounded by water, this is a no brainer. The seafood is second to none!


You may even forget you’re actually on a visa run while you’re in Barbados, it’s that relaxing. Check out Colleton House when choosing your accomodation. They have a great package catering to E3 applicants. Staff at Colleton House will pick you up from the airport, take you to the hotel, drop you off at your appointment and take you back to the airport once your visa run is complete. It really is a load of stress off your shoulders while you’re going through the process. Check our their E3 packages here.

For further questions about E3 Visas in Barbados you can email BridgetownNIV@state.gov

Have fun and wear sunscreen!

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