Do I Really Need A Lawyer For My E3 Visa Application?

The process explained without a lawyer

Do I Really Need A Lawyer For My E3 Visa Application?

Once a company has agreed to sponsor you with a job offer, you have to file freely a form to the Department of Labor. This form is quite detailed and outlines the company, your role, your salary, and other areas of your role. It is designed so that the Department of Labor determines that the company is legitimate, the job offer is legitimate and is within the visa parameters and also that you will be paid at minimum in accordance with the regulations. (this salry part needs to be the prevailing wage which is basically just at the least the same amount a US worker would get for doing the same job in the same city)

Once you have received the approved LCA, you can essentially take that, along with the ocmpany offer letter and your regular application forms to the US embassy or consulate for your interview. If there is a spouse or dependents involved they can fill out the relevant application forms as well to take to the consulate at this time.

The above process doesn’t not require an attorney, however, the LCA is an extremely tedious application (that often gets rejected) and would be advised to have an expert help you with this step.

Many companies will hire an attorney anyway as that is their policy. However if it is you who is dictating the process and whom has to make the decision, then say NO to lawyers. Try attempting this LCA application yourself first, (you can find a detailed step by step guide here) or have us help you fill this form for half the cost of a lawyer. Check out our dedicated agent services here.

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